Jalouise Pty Ltd specialises in the management of Darwin based commercial properties.

Jalouise make the following safety commitments:

  • To maintain safe and fully functional building assets, through:

    • Maintaining service agreements with contractors for servicing, preventative maintenance and emergency repair of infrastructure, including: lifts, air conditioning, electrical and fire systems.

    • Engaging a safety consultant to carry out annual inspection and risk assessment of all building assets.

  • To ensure all contractors working on our building assets do not create additional hazards for our tenants or the general public, through:

    • Prequalifying contractors based on their safety systems and safety performance.

    • Providing comprehensive information to perspective and current contractors regarding our onsite SAfety Expectations.

    • Carrying out random Safety Inspections of our Contractors workspaces to ensure compliance with the contract, our Safety Expectations, WHS legislation and applicable standards.

    • Reviewing contractors performance annually and as required, to ensure that we procure services from contractors that continue to meet our expectations

  • To continually improve the safety of our building assets, through:

    • Monitoring hazard and incident report received from contractors and tenants to identify opportunities to improve the safety of our building assets.

    • Taking action to improve any areas of our building assets that create an undue hazard as identified in hazard reports and through Inspections and Risk Assessments.

Endorsed by Jalouise Pty Ltd, Management Team - June 2017