Jalouise has a number of strategic investments outside of the property industry.

Florina Potassium (Potash) Phosphate Project
Katherine, Northern Territory

Jalouise is an active investor via Tracker Global in the Florina Potassium-Phosphate Project located approximately 55 kilometres west of Katherine in the Northern Territory. The project is based on extensive sandstone sequences containing the green mica mineral glauconite, also known as “greensand”.
Geological work shows a very large surface glauconite resource and using ground-breaking batch trials Tracker Global has identified an industrial process to produce “activated greensand” with profoundly improved potassium solubility.

An IP Agreement was secured with the technology owner and a Provisional Patent lodged in April 2017 for the process with plant trials now underway to determine the physical properties & solubilities of test material recovered from site.

Eramurra Industrial Salt Project
The Pilbara, Western Australia

Jalouise is an active investor via Tracker Global in the Eramurra Industrial Salt Project located at the newly established Cape Preston Port in Western Australia.

Exploration Licences E47/3072 & E47/3301 were granted in 2015 covering 130 square kilometres of suitable salt concentrator and crystalliser areas.

The licence application process involved extensive consultations to secure a draft Aboriginal Heritage Agreement from the local claimants for the area and an Access Agreement with the pastoral leaseholder allowing exploration access. The City of Karratha, Pilbara Port Authority and Department of State Development are also engaged in positive and supportive discussions to facilitate a timely realisation of the project.